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Mountain Vista Ranches

Located 15 miles north of Kingman just past the Golf Course community of Valle Vista is Mountain Vista Ranches. The history of Mountain Vista Ranches dates back to a large ranch that was bought by Ben Brooks of Brooks and Clark Realty sometime in the early to mid 90’s. Like all of their subdivisions they were the masters of marketing with colorful flyers, nice pictures and extensive advertising. However just like nearly all their subdivisions like Stagecoach Trails, Hidden Springs etc…. this is another pump and dump subdivision. They pump up the hype and value of the land and then after it is all sold off the marketing is dumped and then land owners are left on their own for re-selling their land, often times at a heavy loss. Most of the roads out here are currently impassable due to being washed out and not maintained. Street signs are shot up and not readable if they are even left. No power extends beyond the main “Brooks Blvd” to the north. However north of Brooks Blvd there are a few hearty souls that do live out here and maintain the roads into their own property however there are also many homes were built and then left abandoned over the years that are now heavily vandalized.

At current press time we are able to sell 40 acre parcels between $15-25,000. If they are closer to Brooks Blvd and the wineries we are able to get more for them and of course having power helps us sell the properties at a higher rate.

Some notable things about Mountain Vista is that there are a few wineries. Cella winery as well as Stetson Winery.

Cella Winery: Just a quick note, this winery is currently for sale. The story with this one is that in 2006, Carlos cella sold a body shop in California and began construction of his winery near Kingman. In 2008 he planted the first vines (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay and Syrah and he produced his first estate wines in 2010. In 2014 Cella Winery opened to the public.

Stetson Winery: Owned by Jo and Don Stetson this is the only Arizona Winery and Event Center in Northwestern Arizona.


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