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Lazy YU Ranch in Kingman Arizona

View from a parcel available

This is the view off of Indian Pony of one of the parcels available.

The Lazy YU Ranch in Kingman Arizona is a spectacular subdivision that is located east of Kingman, Arizona in the foothills of the Hualapai Mountains. It is a relatively new subdivision that was mostly broken up in 1993 from a large ranch. A Phoenix development group bought the large ranch and spent millions in putting in streets, access roads and a couple of railroad car bridges. This is considered one of the more upscale communities of Kingman. Lazy YU only allows site built homes and has an architectural committee that has to approve the construction of any of the homes. They have allowed for some really unique and different homes. Barns are allowed as well. The original Lazy YU ranch was originally sold off into 40 acre parcels and most of these have been subdivided down to smaller parcels. The minimum square footage for site built homes only here is 1500 square feet and the minimum lot size is 4 acres. Most parcels for sale run between 5-10 acres allowing for ample room between you and your neighbors. About 1/3 of the streets here are paved and the rest are dirt roads maintained by the association. There is a nominal yearly fee assessed to landowners here keeping the roads maintained which is only 100 dollars per year. Horses are allowed so you do have horse privileges.

The elevation here is about 5,000 feet and many of the homesites have engaging panoramic views of not only the Hualapai Mountains but also of the city of Kingman. Some higher elevation homesites also have views of the Black Mountains and Golden Valley. There is not another area in Kingman that has views that are this incredible. It is only about 8-12 miles from town.

The value for land here is incredible. I think it is an extremely undervalued area at the current time. Homes range in the low 300,000’s on up to 500,000 plus for custom homes. You can still buy 5-10 acres here for 35-40,000 with power! 40 acre parcels are 75-125,000. I don’t know where else you can find land that is 1/10th of the cost of the home. Typically it is 25% or so of the homes value. Prices now for land here are what they cost in 2003/2004. On many of the parcels the owner will carry the paper on it, so if you are not able to build right now at least you can purchase the land, and have it paid off when you are ready to build.

Once you purchase your land you will probably have to put in a well. Wells here can run 1/2 a gallon per minute up to 50 gallons per minute. It is hit and miss so it is important to hire the right well company that has a history of drilling wells. Hiring a water witcher is not a bad idea either. Some of the septic tank sites won’t perk so your cost to put in a septic system may be higher if you have to put in an alternative system which typically runs 18,000 instead of 6,000 dollars.

Give us a call if you would like to look at land or homes in Lazy YU, it is a place my wife and I have bought 9.37 acres with incredible views and are drafting plans for our own home. Stay tuned on progress. We are at 928-718-2020 and would be happy to work with you on the purchase or sale of your land or home in Lazy YU.